Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Do not Track: an online, interactive documentary about who’s watching you

 “I know right now that this is the country you live in,” says a seemingly omnipotent narrator as an image of the Queen flashes up on my screen. “I know that it is a nice morning. I know that you’re on a Mac.”

I’m watching the first episode of Do Not Track – and it’s a discombobulating experience. An online interactive documentary, the show aims to reveal how you, yes you, are being followed online by a host of companies. And it’s personal. Both the narrator’s identity and language are determined by your location, deduced from your IP address, while data gleaned by inviting you to log on to Facebook, take a survey or enter the address of an oft-visited website reveal how trackers deduce not only who you are and what you like, but use that information to shape your online world.

“Each viewer is going to have a different experience as they watch it,” explains the series’ creator and director Brett Gaylor. “Privacy is a very complex issue and it can be abstract for people so we wanted to explore ways that we could have that hit home – literally.”

read full article at The Guardian

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